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BOKE machining, established in 1991, manufactures and supplies gears, shafts and other components for heavy duty applications. We specialize in automatic transmission parts for busses, motor graders and heavy duty applications. 

*We ALWAYS deliver on time.

*We NEVER change the quoted price.

*We CORRECT any kind of problem if the products are unsatisfactory for any reason.

*We OFFER 1 (ONE) year warranty. 

*We use CERTIFIED materials from CERTIFIED suppliers only.

We are also capable of manufacturing intricate components and large scale components, we can handle turning parts up to 10" in diameter and Mill parts upwards of 36". It is our goal to provide our customers with parts that fulfill all their criteria and maximize value to them through our machining process. We are working with the newest generation of multi-axis machines, competent engineers and craftsmen, with the power to catch the perfection in design, production and assembly activities. Special Gauge, Mold-Apparatus-Fixture design, development and production, Reverse Engineering activities, Design activities and Assembly activities are also applied. 

BOKE machining is committed to delivering superior quality products while providing unparalleled customer support along the way. Specializing in the manufacturing of precision machined parts. Our knowledgeable and experienced professionals are equipped with an expansive and diverse range of machining and modeling capabilities allowing us to produce high quality products in all stages of the manufacturing process. From prototypes to mass production, we offer an elite level of service providing our business partners with the greatest levels of satisfaction in the industry.


Spur Gears, Helical Gears, Bevel Gears, Hypoid Gears, Worm Gears, Spiroid Gears, Torsoing Gears

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Tool and Die

Jigs, Fixtures, Dies, Molds, Machine Tools, Cutting Tools, Gauges, 

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Bolts, Brackets, Bushings, Clamps, Collars, Fittings, Gaskets, Grommets, Hinges, Hooks, Inserts, Nuts, Screws, Springs, Pins, Pulleys, Rings, Rivets, Spacers, Studs, Washers  

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Techniques Used;

CNC Milling

CNC Turning

Gear Hobbing / Shaping / Shaving / Grinding

CNC O.D. Grinding

Abrasive Flow Machining (Water Jet)

Fabrication (Including Welding)

Quality Assurance

Thermal Processing

Specialty Coatings

Priming & Finish Painting

Warehousing - Inventory Management System

Kit and Assembly Work

Tumbling and Specialty Finishes

Part Marking and Serialization

Material Traceability

Document and Data Control

Contract Review

Inspection and Testing

Calibration Regimen

Documented Work Instructions

Corrective / Preventative Actions

Industries Served;

Aerospace and Defense



Medical and Dental

Education and School

Job Shop and OEM

Power Generation

Oil and Gas Refinement

Amusement Park Ride Safety Components

Materials Used;

Alloy Metals


Carbon Steel

Stainless Steel

Tool Steel





Ferrous Castings

Non-Ferrous Castings

1067 Magnolia Avenue

Auburndale, FL 33823

p: 407 625 6533

e: [email protected]